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Thanksgiving Day Blazers


Similar to Cropped jackets, blazers are the coat which is made of a very warm material to give you all the warmth in the winters while making you have a smart look. Thanksgiving Day in the month of November, which is a very chilly month in a few places, which makes one wear blazers to get oneself geared up for the day wearing a warm blazer teaming it up with a nice top and bottom, and to add to the look, long boots can be worn, given in the winter look. All the enjoyment of the thanksgiving day, all the customs, rituals and the worships can be done without the weather conditions coming in the way of all this. Blazers come as a savior for both men and women, giving them a look which they will love even in such weather conditions which are too extreme. Collecting compliments from the family members that too on such an auspicious occasion is like a wish granted without breaking the wishbone of the turkey. As it is a tradition on Thanksgiving Day in which all the family members get together around the turkey and break its wishbone, while everybody making an individual wish in their hearts.