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Thanksgiving Day Jeans


Jeans are the trousers which are same as pants, shorts, etc. It is full length till the floor or till the ankle, the difference between the pants and jeans is that the stuff of the jeans in denims whereas, pants can be made in different stuffs as well other than denims. While pants are formal set of clothing, jeans are informal and are worn by people on a daily basis. Whats better than feeling in ones own skin and not getting specially dressed on a holiday? Especially a holiday like Thanksgiving Day, where every member of just ones family is involved and no outsider is present to judge you and your clothes. Present in many styles and colors out of which most common ones are black and blue, which get along with any color and type of upper garment. Available for both men and women of different shapes and sizes makes it a lot easier to choose from. Watching the Thanksgiving Day parade, NFL football match and the turkey cooked for dinner in ones favorite pair of jeans and comfortable clothing is the feeling which cannot be matched while wearing a dress or a skirt, for that matter, even leggings wont be able to fulfill the feeling wearing a jeans.