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Thanksgiving Day Kimonos


A kimono is a traditional dress from Japan. Made from two different words which have a literal meaning i.e. things to wear. It is a full length robe sort of a garment worn for auspicious festivals, The Thanksgiving day is one of them. On Thanksgiving day when all the members of the family come together as one and feel gratitude and gratefulness towards god, also enjoy the auspicious dinner and feast over turkey and other food items, watch the Thanksgiving day parade and football match, etc., i.e. in short when everybody comes together to follow the traditions and customs of the Thanksgiving day, it becomes important to wear comfortable clothing while looking great as well. Kimonos being a traditional wear come out to be one of the best outfits for such day. Why not dress traditionally to follow all the traditions of the day. It is worn by women, mostly nowadays. Also, few old women and men can be seen wearing kimonos in their daily routines as their customs in most places. These are robes which are in the shape of the alphabet T. These are available in a lot of traditional prints and also in various colors.