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Thanksgiving Day Pants


Pants are the garment for the bottom of the body which has two areas to fit both legs. They are specifically straight fitted and its not mandatory for them to be skin hugging. These are worn for a formal look mostly for formal parties or places. However, it can also be worn as a Thanksgiving Day outfit as it has a loose fitting and therefore, are comfortable, also give a sharp look when worn with a smart upper. Be it a top, shirt or anything else of your own choice. Produced initially for men, is now worn worldwide by both men and women equally. On the occasion of Thanksgiving day, it can be worn by the ones working in the kitchen and relaxing watching the Thanksgiving day parade on television while sitting on the loungers, by the ones gulping turkey and also by the ones worshipping. One and all can wear the pants and have a comfortable style while wearing scarfs with it by matching the prints and the colors bringing out the bright side of you on such an auspicious day on which everybody with the sense and feeling of gratitude within them, bring them out in front of the important people of their lives and obviously God.