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Thanksgiving Day Parkas


A parka, also known as anorak is a sort of coat which has a hood, regularly lined with fur or artificial fur. The hood shields the face from temperatures which are frozen and windy. The words anorak and parka have been used equally, but, they are genuinely particularly different pieces of attire. Entirely, an anorak is a water resistant, hooded, coat without an opening at the front, and once in a while drawstrings at the midriff and sleeves, and a parka is a knee-length cool climate coat, regularly loaded down with down or warm manufactured fiber, and with a hide lined hood. The Thanksgiving is celebrated twice in a single year. Once is in late summers and once in November. Many places face snowfall in the month of November, for such times to celebrate The Thanksgiving day by following all the traditions and customs one should wear parkas. They look great when teamed up with a nice set of clothing i.e. the upper and the bottoms with matching accessories and footwear as well. On the occasion of the Thanksgiving day, especially in November, they go great with ones personality and obviously the weather. One can enjoy the customs of the Thanksgiving day while wearing the perfect clothes according to the weather and the occasion.