Sheng Yun is a fashion girl who loves laughing and has been fond of art and fashion design since her childhood, which makes her determined to be a fashion designer when grew up. She spared no efforts to get the admission of an art college to major in fashion design. After graduation, she founded her own lady fashion brand “3S”, which named from the inspiration of sunshine, song, smile. “S” is the core idea of this brand, “S” symbols women’s soft and beautiful silhouette curve, which shows their feminine beauty and charming. The combination of sunshine, song and smile means the warm and romance of family. The design style of “3S” is simple but temperament, which makes the wearers experience the elegance, simplicity and nature of fashion. Her design uses distinctive colors and popular simple tailor to express its difference, and shows its details and intention through all kinds of fashion processes. The goal of “3S” is to show women’s gentle and charming true nature and feminine beauty perfectly. The taste she advocates is comfortable, modern, practicable, the life of women should be filled with beauty.