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Amii is a very talented designer who is fascinated by minimal style garments. Since she was a little girl, she had shown great interest in art. And brush is the tool she used to reproduce her daily life.Beauty is woman’s nature. As a fashionable woman, she is dedicated to being an outstanding designer in the fashion industry. To achieve that, she strived hard to become a designer and successfully founded her brand “AMII”. As “AMII” is developing rapidly, she now founds its sister brand “AMII REDEFINE”. This new brand focuses on advocating the meaning of “redefinition”. In this noisy and complicated world, she desires to find the purity and simplicity of herself and pursue the freedom of spirit. She takes a new look at things, events happened around to find the true meaning of life and nature which are the origin of minimalism. Her item of clothing is reducing to its basic form with net, brief model and simple color. She believes designing from the perspective of arts and aesthetics can help us redefine our lifestyle and her new brand in the best way.

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