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CC.Su is a fashion lady who is filled with art characteristic and the gift of art design. She was born in Xi’an and fond of painting and all the beautiful things. After graduation from university, she gave up the chance to be a TV host and started to work in the line of fashion design. She worked very hard from the first position of designer assistant to be appointed as design director. In 2013 she founded her own fashion brand “CC.SU” named with her own name. She is a beauty, talent and workaholic in the eyes of others, but the only thing she persist is her own original design. Her designs focus on details and modern fashion to show the beauty and unique of the clothes but with practicability. The style of “CC.SU” is with aesthetic concept, using beautiful colors, flowers printed and silhouette to show its taste and temperament. The clothes she designs not only for dressing, but also have the worth of collection, which express women’s pursuit for elegant life style.