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Jia Yi fell in love with painting and photography since her childhood. Her father was a photographer and her mother was an interior designer. Influenced by them, she was greatly interested in aesthetics and fashion design. Supporting her to realizer a fashion designer dream, they sent her to an art high school for art training. Then she got enrolled into an art college to learn fashion sketching, pattern making, fabric culture and garment marketing, etc. She had won a lot of prizes in the campus design competitions. After graduated, she worked in a fashion design company as designer, and at the same time, seeing the potentiality of e-shop, she founded a womenswear label “OTHER CRAZY”, which advocates stylish feminine style and is themed with independence, confidence and freedom. The creations are crafted in 3D cuts to accentuate women’s curvy figure and from trendy fabric, such as polyester, cotton, ramie, woolen fabrics, etc. She believes that one should have self-confidence which represents self trends.

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