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Sam's Tree

Sam is an artist filled with new literary color of city, who was fond of painting and design in his childhood. He often did as a small assistant to help his mother sew when his mother was sewing and repairing clothes. Under the influence of his mother, he began to have a strong interest in costumed design. In order to make this interest as his career, he continuously to learn and study all of the knowledge of costume design, and finally got the admission of an Art Design College in the major of Fashion Design and Accessories. On the basis of working as a design assistant and a designer for a fashion brand, he founded his own fashion brand “Sam’s Tree”. Sam’s Tree highlights the fan art with family responsibility and small lofty character, getting alone well with the world peacefully and happily. The style of Sam’s Tree is fresh, independent, nostalgic, recording the wonderful time of life. Sample design and retro style show the artistic features of the wearers, using colors, printings, veins and types to express its difference from others. He thinks that fashion design must express the artistic features of city to show the inner culture perfectly, so that the inner feelings of the designer is expressed.

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