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Miss Zhang is a fashion lady who is fond of art design and has special requirements in dressing. Under the influence of foreign fashion culture, she showed great enthusiasm in fashion in her young age and dreamed to be an excellent fashion designer when grown up. In order to achieve her dream one day, she was trained many artistic hobbies, and painting became her daily practice. When inspiration flashing in her mind, she would record it with her brush. In order to access to more professional fashion design knowledge and training, she applied for the admission of an art design college and majored in fashion design. She worked for several companies after graduation, but she still can not achieved her dream to be a fashion designer. However, through unremitting efforts, she finally set up her first fashion Brand “Y&M” selling on-line. The main characteristic of the style of “Y&M” is simple, persisting in elegance and pragmatism to express the fashion and noble temperament of women. Her design uses fashion elements, such as printed pattern, details of the clothes, regular fit cut line, and high quality materials, to show the special motivation of the designer. She believes in that every cloth designed by the designer has soul, which represents that every woman is unique and special, so that the wearers can show the their own incredible personal charm.

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