AND CHIC is a newly born woman’s brand which was founded by Joe, a fashion designer, in May 18th, 2015. He was graduated from Wu Han Textile University, majoring in Costume Design. His passion towards design was inspired by his journey in Italy. During that journey, he felt and sensed the strong cultural contents and unique artistic charm of Italy,which inspire and influence people generation by generation. He decide to create his own value. Knowing his love lay in clothing, he quickly jumped to fashion design. He has keen and unique sense of fashion. This brand aims to bring the feeling of happiness, beauty to women who are positive, optimistic and enthusiastic about life. AND CHIC attracts many extraordinary designers from both home and abroad to join it. Many celebrities and fashion icons are its followers. “ AND CHIC” refers to always keeping up with newest trend. “AND” indicates to combine essentials of all different kinds of fashion styles with a current and fresh twist. Combining Chinese elements with pop art and elegance, AND CHIC is not just confined to a particular style. It pursues diversity for each woman to create her own fashion style. Simple cutting and fashion floral print bring the feeling of beauty which show its unique design.