Anna Yang is the origin of fashion label ANNAKIKI, she is an independent designer who were born in tailors family, when she was 8, she started pick fabrics to make dresses what she wanted, then she was fond of fashion design hopeless, By reason of fashion and art edification, she got together with fashion design naturally, her design passion and design insistence make her became a excellent independent fashion designer. She used to employed in popular fashion complies as a designer director successively, then she founded her own brand ANNAKIKI in 2012, and she founded her independent design house, her individual design style make her concerned by a lot of stars and artists, she has polished design works twice successfully on China Fashion Week, one of them is Believe In Me series which is cooperated with Disney China, and the other one is Lip Print Series which is cooperated with Amazon China. At the same time, her design is out of the rage of her birthplace, she has started be invited to 2014-15 London and Paris Fashion Week Showroom, then she became London Fashion Week official recommend designer. In Anna Yang opinion, ANNAKIKI is a independent designer brand which nuclear DNA is independent, modern, fun, ridiculous and anti-traditional.