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Aporia. AS

Sea and Funny-A are close friends who are all fond of fashion culture and travel. They spent lots of time in traveling in all kinds of small town with their own unique special cultures, which laid a good foundation for their dreams to be fashions design giants in the future. They never got any professional fashion design training, but they really love fashion design so much and spared no efforts to fight for their career, so they started an on-line shop named “Funny-AS” on Taobao in 2008. from then on, they almost spent days and nights in their small studio to work and design clothes. For their hard-working, they set up their own lady fashion brand “Aporia. AS” soon. “Aporia. AS” combines the fashion ideas from different layers to express the casual, sweet and sexy Boho style. Their inspiration comes from all aspects of the nature, which highlights its goal to pursue the innovation of design and the freedom of soul. “Aporia. AS”shows its unique design style by using the process of pierced, lace, printed, beaded, embroidered and dye, meanwhile also challenges the traditional design and cutting. The style of “Aporia. AS” is close to the style of European folk-custom, but adding much retro elements, mixing styles but with hippie texture. They believe in that when the European hippie meets the novel contrast between fashion and tradition, the unique personality chemical action will happen and find the balance between intellect and emotion perfectly.

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