Miss Liu is a designer with natural talent of beauty sensitivity; she graduated from the design department of Hunan Normal University. She is one of those women who have iron hand in a velvet glove; she is fond of traveling around, seeing kinds of movies. And she expresses strong feelings for collecting old tings such as old sewing machines; also she is fascinated with French country music bands called The Who and The Kinks. In life, she is not content with the status quo and willing to make bold attempts, but only one thing what she always hanging on is original design. She works for a fashion brand called ARKMIIDO, this brand is not only about clothes but also about design content, and it encourages French romantic life style; some of Paris elements such as grace, fantastic, diversity are carried over to clothes design. The style of this brand is focused on bringing to China. Brilliant color schemes and fitted silhouette express modern romantic style of this brand well. Her design looks forward to freedom and art in Paris. At work, she thinks women should be elegant and wisdom; in life, women should be cool with some petit bourgeoisie sentiments.