RaoChang, a generous girl with art design talent, has being fond of painting from childhood, paying close attention to current fashionable trends. Affected by her personality and art talent, she dreamed of making fashion industry more concise and liberal. To realize the aim, she majored in fashion design and conducted theoretical studies and practices in a famous college of art during university. Owing to unique design concepts, she was promoted as the chief designer from a designer assistant in a famed fashion company after graduation. Surprisingly, she still quitted the job later and created her original brand “Azimao”, which highlights liberty, simplicity, fashion and generosity. RaoChang believes that clothes make the man, and trendy embellishments are essential for simple clothing, focusing on dresses and two-piece suits during preliminary stage. Several sizes are clearly marked on her every design and to some extent, women could find clothes that fit them well among RaoChang’s designs, making those women seem slim and confident.