Vivian Zhou is a Chinese American designer based in San Francisco, CA. Interestingly enough, the story didn’t start with her struggling to become a fashion designer, on the contrary, she rejected to take the family business, that is apparel design and manufacturing and to become a dancer.The closest thing to fashion designing she’s ever done in her early age was truly enjoyed hand-sew barbie doll clothes.The change started in high school, first she took few drawing classes, and then she couldn’t stop. After a decade of dancing, she finally realized she is secretly passionate about art. Not to mention in all those years spent dancing, she never stopped sketching and make drawings. So she decided to apply for a graphic design major in college.Her independent and adventurous personality cannot be inherited, but molded by her life experience; such as travel alone when she was only 6 years old, and live alone out of state when she start high school.Later she immigrated to America, with the intention to achieve more in the name of fashion designer.This type of personality influenced her designing style. It’s intended to represent the strong and confident side of women, but this woman doesn’t need to dress like a man to show that, therefore the design itself still remains elegant and feminine.