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Chicholic is a fashion brand founded in 2016 for the target consumers who are urban elite females from 25 to 50 years old. The designer, YOYO, becomes the inspiration of the brand. It personifies the adventure of a cosmopolitan designer, born and raised in China, who built her personal life in New Yorker and found her inspiration by looking at her roots from a contemporary, multi-cultural point of view. She decided to settle in New York at 24 and that was a key milestone in her life. In her own words, "I was reborn as a new person, with new tastes and new ideas ". It was the starting point of her creative journey, graduating from parsons to crafting first collections in her New York studio. The style of it follows the latest fashion trend and uses qualified materials, like silk, knit and wool with perfect models and cuttings. What it wishes to do is providing acceptable fashion items to those females who want to be better selves.