Celebrated artist Coin Qian pays homage to this vibrant era with glamorous, vintage inspired handbags that capture her homeland’s magnetic imagery. Masterfully designed and crafted for modern life, Coin’s bags are for women who carry a torch for the past amongst the hustle and buzz of the cosmopolitan city. They’re for fashion and style lovers with discerning taste, for art collectors looking for something culturally unique, for tastemakers seeking a conversation piece, and for those who contemplate what came before with a starry eyed reverie.Each bag is rich in colour, texturally intriguing, sprinkled with symbolism and imbued with nostalgia. Potent feminine portraiture schmoozes with subtle reptile prints and luxurious leathers. Bold stripes contrast against wistful glimpses of eras past. Elegant mesh purses sit pretty next to sophisticated velvet handbags. Collections that transition easily from the everyday to the evening.Coin Qian has married powerful personal narrative, kaleidoscopic landscapes and a deep respect for the old world with a cutting edge fashion prowess, reworking traditional paintings via an incredible new platform. Each bag brings a fresh perspective to her work, adding dimensional qualities formerly lost on the canvas.We may be in the present, but the past lives on in each of us, reminding us of our roots and how the new world blossomed.The Coin Qian Collection is a little slice of history, reworked for today.Beauty in duality.