Dareen Hakim Collection

Distinctive of the Dareen Hakim Collection are her statement-making metals, telling a story in each bag through the use of contrast again the soft modern silhouettes. An unexpected edge that celebrates the ancient art-form of brass hand-crafted metalwork, the combination of this authenticity with the clean lines of each bag makes each bag a unique story with the right touch of intrigue, class and feminine elegance.The inscriptions on some of the Dareen Hakim bags reflect the designer’s fascination with the momentous spirit of her childhood. Within the turmoil of the Middle East, she saw people with a incredible joie de vivre, a value for life. This combined feeling of resilience, strength, happiness, love, laughter and appreciation of beauty in life’s simple pleasures left an impression she shares through the subtle scripted messages on some of her bags.


Dareen Hakim Collection