Winnie Ma is a migratory resident who stays between Hong Kong and Peking. She is fond of traveling around the world; so far, she has traveled 25 countries including 40 cities, her final travel ultimate aim is the seven continents and the five oceans in the world. She was an industrial insider in a 4A advertising company, and advertised a lot of international fashion brand in Chinese market, such as Apple/Infiniti/Bella and so on. Now she is an entrepreneur focusing on exquisite life style. Even though she has not taker professional clothes design classes, but she has an individual feeling for fashion, in order to make more and more people wear in story design clothes who love the life style what she loves, she created her own women fashion brand named HOWL, this brand focus on casual style design, modern models and high quality material options express designer’s personality and grade. High-end laser cut process, panel detail treatment and materials matches make this brand so charming. She thinks clothe is a kind of social language, it is not only consists kinds of topics but also shows endless possibilities.