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ISABUFEI is . With the same dream of wearing fairy dresses made by hand to keep the happy time in youth, MOFFI and BUBU bought brushes, cloth and sewing kit, and tried to design and cut out the beautiful fairy dress that appeared in dream for the first time together. Inspired by the coming of youth as well as love after graduation, they made up their mind to create a design style of fairy dresses, which demonstrates a concept of “time and love”, and to make dresses being filled with stories. ISABUFEI was officially set up on the Chinese Valentine Day in 2009, in a hope that every girl in their dresses will find her love in the best time. So far, ISABUFEI has owned its independent design studio and professional sample room and gradually extended to the field of retro jewelry and children’s clothes, holding on to its unique style and design concept of “time and love” all the time.