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Miss Xue is a fashion lady who loves fashion design deeply. She had special and unique understanding to beauty in a very young age and was able to paint beautiful fashion works, which made her dream to be an excellent fashion designer for ladies. When in college she majored in and studied Fashion Design professionally, so that she ever worked as a designer for a fashion brand and was appointed as an artistic director after her graduation. However, founding her own fashion brand is her goal and dream since she was a little girl. Finally in 2013, she set up her own fashion brand “Jade&Cloud”. The style of “Jade &Cloud” is the combination of vintage and fashion styles of European and America to show the unique fashion taste through high-end design version and exquisite details. Her design combines the fashion elements of colors, printed, pierced etc. “Jade&Cloud” always chooses the best quality materials when manufacturing the clothes to make it enjoy good reputation in the line. She advocates that clothes not only should be cozy to wear, but also should highlight the individuals’ unique quality, which will show the unique design intention of the designer in the best way.

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