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Mimi is a fashion girl, who loves daydreaming with the sense of innocence. She has different understanding to aesthetics since her childhood and gradually began to have a strong interest in fashion design. After graduating from the fashion design major, she founded her own studio named “MYTH STUDIO” and created her own fashion myth with a group of young designers who have the same dream with her. Later, she founded her own fashion brand for ladies named “JUNGLE ME”. The style of “JUNGLE ME” is filled with wonderful sense of childhood and designs with lovely patterns of flowers printed and vintage dot printed on the classic black mini dresses, which makes the overall style look rich and colorful. The unique of “JUNGLE ME” is shown by using the best quality materials when manufacturing the clothing. She always can make each single cloth with vintage sense look unique through using the rules of fashion. She believes in that everything is possible in the world of fashion design. Miracle would be created as long as with sincere heart.

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