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Kiki is a temperament girl who loves fashion culture and has a good taste in personal dressing. When she was a little girl, her parents loved dressing her up beautiful clothes, so she has a good sense in beauty in a very young age, which made her has unique emotion and interests in fashionable dress. In order to train her artistic temperament, she was accessed to painting training, music courses and many other artistic lessons. When she grew up, she was fonder of fashion art and got the admission of an art college to major in fashion design through continuous efforts. After graduation, she determined to found her own on-line fashion brand “KK2” instead of finding a job. The design style of “KK2” is fashionable and simple, which is enjoying good reputation in the market for manufacturing original design bottom shirts. Sweaters and knitwear and other clothes are also very popular. She uses pierced embroidery and paneled mesh processes to express the intention and of design and the excellence of quality. She founded this brand is to pursue high quality dress experience, which to make every woman who loves beauty show their own characteristic and temperament.

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