Magpie Goose

Hila Herman is a Tel Aviv based designer, floating in the multidisciplinary space between Fashion Design and Graphic Design. Hila Graduated from "Bezalel Academy of Art and Design", Jerusalem in graphic design studies (B.Des), and worked as a graphic designer, until organically shifted to designing clothes. The label’s name Magpie Goose is a water bird species which is a unique member in the family of geese, and arranged in a family and genus distinct from all other living waterfowl, looks like a magnificent combination of a goose, an eagle and a swan. Much like the bird that inspired its name, the brand have its unique voice. Hila’s design, best described as "Soft structure", Intrigued by the geometrical aspect of clothes' structure as well as natural derived shapes. She is motivated by the idea that a garment can accentuate a woman's intellectual presence, not only her physical one.


Magpie Goose