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Chelsea is a fashion lady who is fond of life, art and travel. She loves collecting fashion magazines and special clothes from different countries. She has learn painting from her childhood and is fond of fashion design, which makes her determined to be a fashion designer. After graduating from an art design college, she founded her own fashion brand “MOOERKERR”. The special points of this brand are high-end, exquisite and elegant. And her design inspiration is from all the aspects of life, nature, and art, such as a movie, a CD, or a trip. Her design is the combination of fashion, comfort, feminine beauty, and leisure, which adds charming to the brand through flower printed, exquisite details and high-end silhouette. She thinks her design can combine western fashion with Chinese style in the way suitable to sense of Chinese beauty, which opens the perspective of merging the oriental and western elements to show the charming of Asia clothing culture.

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