Kate, a girl who dresses boldly and has a gift of artistic designing, is always enjoying Chinese traditional culture, and paying close attention to current tendency. What she wished was to create a personal brand of Chinese traditional culture and fashionable elements. To achieve the goal, she majored in fashion designing in a famous college of art design during university. After graduation, she got promotion to work as the chief designer in a garment company of Chinese style. However, such a career success was far away from her goal, she thus quit the stable career and built her exclusive brand “mukzin”. With full artistic colors, stereoscopic silhouettes and printing, the brand has a sense of Chinese fashion. By creative patterns, unique individual thoughts and classical fictional characters in Chinese masterworks, the brand is built with boldness and individuality. She believes that it is more essential than ever for the young to be themselves bravely and express what they think by clothing. In this sense, Kate is trying to express herself by creating a trendy and cool style.