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Other Concept is a women’s dresses brand having its own design spirit. It is rare in Chinese fashion corporations because its primary designer, Qiao Yun, grew up under the influence of the Paris haute couture. Qiao Yun went to study abroad in Paris in 2008, majoring in Paris haute couture and finished it as an annual optimal graduate. During the study period, she made a systematic research on the styles of the international fashion designers, including Vionnet, Balenciaga,Givenchy and Yoji yamamodo and so on. After graduation she was recommended by principal to work with the famous designer Frank Sorbier and got a chance to join in Fall/Winter 2010 Paris Couture Week with fashion works made by herself. After that Qiao Yun came back to China and created her first fashion brand - Other Concept with a dream of bringing all the ladies dressed in her design to experience the true Paris haute couture.