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Peina is influenced by Chinese ancient art works which called Shinutu and Jie-zi-yuan driving.After graduating from BICT ( Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology ), she was in the employ of college, company and agency. she was also a designer teacher with students all over the country, she is called teaching system in the fashion industry .In 2015, She founded her own costume brand PEINAXI, this brand believe in neutral style, simple style atmosphere which is around the concept of aesthete new vision, she integrate international modern smoothly into folk style, and make the brand simple, aesthete and classical. The brand becomes a unique and inclusive fashion style. Her design is fitted women’s silhouette with Section, fold, flex and stretch ,which build a airy Layering Style. She choose the advanced silk fabric from Japan,Korea,and Australia. Her designer team is composed of her own students, they are focus on art and design tenaciously, which make this brand  full of cultural atmosphere and art magic power.