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Joey was graduated from KOOKJE design institute. And she didn’t know anything about Punk style, but only being fond of dressing when she was a little girl. Same as the other girls, she also owned a princess dream. After graduated from high school, she came to know two Korean friends, who was doing garment business. Since then, she heard about Punk, and began to DIY some accessories and clothes. But lacking of knowledge about garment process, she could only make some simple plan, and let experienced pattern maker to cut and sew. In this way, she gradually got some customers, and one year later, she opened her first studio. In order to get improved in fashion design, she went to Korea for study, and she indeed improved a lot in her design capability. She believes that, fashion garments are innovated in every day, and when you’re studying the process of one style, it may already be changed in the market.

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