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Welcome to SANA.MODA, the world of perfectly fitted shirts and fashionable accessories. We are grateful to have you here. SANA.MODA is known as a creative bunch and here is our story… Starting with Why… Let’s face it; women are always on a quest for a perfect pair of pants. Once the chase is over, we feel content with wearing just about anything with those bottoms. Not quite so simple! To create the perfect total look, you need more than just a pair of pants – you need a perfectly fitted shirt to combine it with. This is where we come in. Our mission is to create and deliver a perfect shirt and everything else imaginable to make your final outfit chick and multifunctional. We are offering women unique shopping experience with the convenience of door-to-door delivery. Now any woman can create her own fashion success story. We are busy women just like anyone of you. At one point, probably just like you, we got tired of overpriced, ill-fitted, poor-quality mass-produced trash. So, we’ve decided to take matters into our own hands. We made a conscious decision to create a fashion brand that customizes an individual style combined with superior quality of materials and workmanship. Our focus is to create designs that easily transform from daywear to an evening cocktail look. We hope to help you find your unique personal style. How do we create the product? Bottom line, we must love it before it lands in your wardrobe! We design and we wear it first. Every piece of our creation receives all the necessary attention by our whole team. The audition process for each garment with our logo is scrupulous but fun! Our team of experienced pattern makers and textile engineers work very hard on developing a perfect fit. We handpick our fabrics and furnishings to insure that in the end you will receive a perfect piece of clothing that will make you feel beautiful and confident. Our company is headquartered in one of the most beautiful cities of Kazakhstan, Almaty. Yet, in a true “nomad fashion” our team members at any given mom