Chelsea was an elegant little girl. Being influenced by her mom who was doing garment business, she learned about garments quite early and began to fall in love with dressing and garment design. Her mom supported her to study art in high school, and later at college in the major of fashion design. Through years of efforts, she has laid solid foundation in pattern making, processing and fabric selection as well as skills and ideas of fashion design. After graduated, she started to work in a fashion studio as designer assistant and later promoted to be a womenswear designer. Once she saved enough money, she founded her own online womenswear label “SHAN RAN WU” and started her own business. This label is themed with European elegant style, combining with the understated, tender and intelligent characters of eastern women, crafted with silk, cotton, wool and linen, etc. Her creations are easy to wear, mainly in environmental color as the basic, decorated with trendy elements.