Lin is a gentleman who loves fashion design and clothing collocation. Under the influence of his grandmother, he has been loved sewing and mending clothing since his childhood, and show great talent in art and fashion design. For this interest, he learned fashion fashion by himself when working and got the admission from an art design college to major in fashion design because of his hard-working. After graduation, he find jobs relevant to fashion design, but he gave up the stable work situation and started to fight for his own career and founded his own fashion brand “SNSTELLER” for ladies. The standard of this brand is using details to show the simplicity but temperament of clothing. His design shows his understanding to fashion through the elements of colors, paneled, asymmetric tailor, color-block and popular silhouette etc. The clothes are manufactured by the best quality materials to present the excellent sense of this brand. He believes in that focusing on the details of clothes would express the the concept and intention of design, which would present the unique of this brand perfectly.