Sofia Fiodor Designs

Welcome to my DRESS WITH GRACE collection. I was born in Ukraine, Eastern Europe. I have a bachelor degree in engineering and have been consulting as a geological engineer during my first career. I am used to abstract thinking, numbers, complex problems, analytical solutions, and work environment full of men. I’ve been experimenting with the fashion design and sewing to fulfil the need to dress in more LADY like business attire for decades. Many professional outfits sold in department stores are modeled after what men are wearing to work. But history of fashion has endless examples of feminine dresses, suits, and jackets with intriguing neck lines, figure flattering shapes, stylish details (trims, bows, and belts), and gorgeous fabrics. I envision women to look, feel, and be seen as ladies. In my opinion, professional women with law, medical, engineering, MBA degrees only benefit my being FEMININE, stopping traffic in the office elevators, and especially tempting men to turn head. The boutique design business allows me to create jobs in a straggling economy of Ukraine for women my age. I feel enormous gratitude for such unique opportunity. Please enjoy, be brave, share your inner and outer beauty with the world.


Sofia Fiodor Designs