Soleil kim

Riyan Jin, a designer who has been specializing in management and technology of high-end fashion companies, is better at matching patterns and fabrics as well as silhouettes’ coordination than other designers. Other than leading an outstanding operation team to research and develop OCCCHI VIVI products for autumn and winter, making them successfully come to market with good public praises and market effect, there are still many excellent teams Riyan Jin has cooperated for many years. To bring her talent of fashion into play, she afterwards left company and registered her own women clothing brand “Soleil Kim”, which means golden sun in French. In this sense, she wishes her brand be immortal like the aureate sun. Being utilized classical colors, distinct outlines and unexpected details, “Soleil Kim” totally fits female psychology of desiring individuality while pursuing comfortable, bringing busy women into a relax French lifestyle and ease what they truly deserve.


Soleil kim