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T.TIME is an original fashion brand founded by Miranda Fan in 2014. Miranda was graduated from Donghua University Shanghai in fashion design. After her professional experiences of the chef designer in Hong Kong, Korea companies, she established T.TIME for the very own dream.Miranda thinks that design is a process of being oneself. Combine with traditional culture and the western fashion trend. Time flies and the best thing will never change. So, the brand is for that person who is willing to show their fashion style and independent.The style of T.TIME is simple and modern and suitable for women who are fancy neutral beauty. In this time, women have more rights to have voices in the public, not just from career, family, also the social position. Time changes a lot, whereas, fashion is like a circle. Indeed, T.TIME is insisting to stay strong all the time. it presents those females who are not afraid of the challenge from the outside. Time actually is all in hand of yours. That is what T.TIME trying to say.