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TangJie, a graceful lady who has been deeply studying Chinese aesthetics, especially Chinese embroideries, is interested in Chinese traditional culture. Aspiring to integrate Chinese culture with international fashion and develop Chinese embroideries, she learned embroideries from her childhood and shaped her skills by majoring in fashion design in a college of art design during university. As a result of her efforts, she successfully created her homonymic woman clothing brand “TangJie”, which is based on Chinese traditional embroidery culture and filled with Chinese style, extracting 5 state colors of black, red, green, white and yellow. Combining stylish elements as well as colors and natural fabrics such as cottons, linens, silks and furs, wonderful creativities reveal with delicate handicrafts like embroideries, printing, freehand sketching. Pearl embroideries, diamonds and crystals bring a natural breeze, making modern woman slow in stressful life, taste elegance and immerse themselves in classical romance.

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