At LUXELLE, our name says it all. We are committed to designing, and handcrafting, a couture clothing line that is both luxurious, and personalized, for women.  Style, fashion, and sophistication are the hallmarks at LUXELLE. When you are looking to dress to impress, LUXELLE has the answer, with outfits that will instantly strike your fancy and add a new signature touch to your current wardrobe.➢ It starts with our designs, carefully and meticulously done one at a time so that every aspect is considered: aesthetics, comfort, fit. We attend fashion events: we scour industry publications to ensure we are part of the trend, or timelessly classic.➢ Whether trendy or classic, you will be assured of a “one of a kind” look and unique style.  Our collection is modern, vibrant and “western”, but we also feature “eastern” design touches that reflect the handcrafted beauty and timelessness of the past.➢ Our entire collection is made with exquisite fabrics and materials, sourced around the world. Cottons, linens, silks and other fabrics that are high quality and not mass-produced