Voyar La Rue

Emma van Straaten has always had a large passion for Fashion. She supported international designers with searching for the right design for the fashionable women. However after a number of years it became time that she had to start working for her own design/logo with the right fashion items. She started in 2014, with designs for dresses and created T-shirts with a statement. Later she produced her first samples. On the samples she got enormously many nice responses and a lot of shops wanted to buy her first clothing items. So this is how her Fashion label Voyar la Rue started from something small to a success. The most difficult thing was to get a right name for her label. She was thinking of “Voyar”. Voyar is a small family village where she went on holidays with the whole family when she was young. Good happy memories. That would be the first part of her Fashion label. She also wanted to have a piece of herself in the name. Not her first name but her last name. The French word La Rue which is de Straat in Dutch became the last part of the Fashion name. And so the name was born: Voyar La Rue. More of her dream came true when she opened her first showroom in December 2014.In one year time her label was sold in 125 shops over 3 countries and more selling points in more countries are on the list!


Voyar La Rue