Since she was a little girl, Yen Chan showed strong interests in art design and was enthusiastic to create every beautiful thing.Though she was just a little girl, she started to sew cloth and string beads as affected by her grandmother. When she used her own hands to make her first doll dress, she realized that she had already fell in love with art design. When she was graduated from primary school, her ideal was to become a successful designer. Today, she has already founded her own fashion brand “YEEIOU”. She insists to design, purchase raw materials, tailor by herself. What makes her design special is that she not only uses color aesthetics, dynamic smooth line design to decorate each piece of her garment, but also handle details preciously. She believes that YEEIOU does not only provide women clothes, it conveys a life style, attitude and more importantly, a feeling of being confidence. For her, a woman is beautiful if she gives people pleasing feelings. And only in this way can it present the beauty of woman’s figure perfectly.