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Types of Women Bottoms Wear


 It is said that the foundation of a killer look starts below the waist. But even so, there are certain factors you need to take into consideration when shopping for ladies’ bottoms: the season, your body shape, and the activity. They should be easy to mix and match for business casual or different purposes. Your skirt or pants have to harmonize with the rest of your attire.


Jeans offer an excellent year-round choice for any casual occasion. You can easily pair them up with all of your tops and blouses in numerous ways in order to vary as well as refresh your clothes. Jeans come in various types and styles including boot cut, flare, loose fit, slim fit, straight leg, skinny, and stretch. Denim blue color is actually traditional for jeans. However, you can also consider other colors or designs. There are some  cheap jeans on sales at StyleWe. 

Casual Shorts

Ladies’ casual shorts are useful summer or spring bottoms. Summer shorts are adequately flexible for most warm weather occasions. Pull-on shorts with drawstring or elastic waist, dressed up with a pair of heels are great for the beach, lounging or by the pool. Hot pants are actually cut extra short at the top of the thigh, and are convenient for casual outdoor activities and the hottest summer days.

It is important to present a modest as well as professional look in your work setting, and that is what women’s dress pants do.  They are suitable for job interviews, as well as work or business casual events. Styles that don’t feature pockets are actually more sleek and feminine and you can make your wardrobe more work-friendly by going for colors like black, gray and navy as they are interchangeable with tons of outfits.

Dress shorts are meant for stylish spring or summer events, but are not normally worn in a work setting. They are great for different types of outdoor events like picnics and barbecues. You can choose solid or patterned colors that will match tanks and tops in your wardrobe.


Skirts are the most feminine choice. They offer numerous variations of sexy skirts when it comes to design and length. The range of the selection should enable you to find the shape and fit that matches with your body. For example, maxi skirts are long, ending at the ankles, while pencil skirts are narrow and form-fitting and they are suitable for a professional business wardrobe.  For casual outings, denim and pull-on skirts are the best. Miniskirts give petite frames a great look and are also suitable for the beach or during hot summer days.