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Many of us wear pants in most days of the week. It’s one of the highly essential piece of clothing in our cabinets. There are those who wear denims as part of their regular days while there are those who wear khakis as part of work or when attending special occasions or events. You may be not used to wearing other types of pants but you may actually find them interesting and may make your everyday more interesting and fun. Don’t just settle on one type like black pants. It’s high time that you discover and explore wearing other types.     


Types According to Fabric Used


There are many different kinds of materials used in making pants. The commonly used materials are cotton, denim, wool, linen, twill, chinos and woven fabric. Over the years, designers were able to develop numerous styles of pants such as cargo, workout, joggers, dress, casual, sweatpants, corduroy, chinos, five pocket and khakis. Each style has its respective use and function, which is usually obvious from their names alone. For example, workout pants are used primarily when you do your regular exercise or workout session. Today, there are numerous designs from which almost every type of women can choose what perfectly fits them. Some of the popular designs are skinny jeans, straight leg and wrinkle free chinos, slim straight leg pants, cotton pleated trousers, flat front wool trousers, stretchable khaki pants, and so many others.


Types According to Design


When you go to a department store or clothing store, you may be surprise that there are actually many different types of pants for women. The options are overwhelming. The kind of fabric used, color, texture and detail have contributed much to the almost seemingly countless choices of pants for women. From capri pants to plain black ones, there are now other choices such as bootcut, stretch notched skinny, high waist skinny, skinny ankle, high waisted slim bootcut, high waisted capri, control top, classic flare, exact stretch skinny, knit leggings, ankle, straight leg, pencil, modern ponte, faux suede pencil, and many more.   


The many different types of pants have made it possible for women to achieve different looks that are appropriate for the venue or purpose of wearing. The innovation in fashion and styling have also made it possible the wearing of the same type of pants in totally different occasions. The wearer is able to make it appropriate for each occasion through wearing of the right complementary pieces.